Sedation Options Keller & Ft. Worth TX

Local Anesthesia

This is the traditional numbing procedure that most dental patients need. As a dentist anesthesiologist Dr. Ryan has advanced training in getting patients numb and has been trained in more methods of local anesthesia than many other dentists. Many patients come to Dr. Ryan who say they have always had difficulty achieving and maintaining numbness during dental procedures.

Nitrous Oxide/Laughing Gas

Breathing nitrous oxide can provide a relaxing and comfortable experience for dental work. It also provides gum anesthesia so that the numbing procedure is much more comfortable. When the dental work is complete the patient is able to drive themselves home or go back to work with no residual sedation effects.

Anxious About Your Treatment?

Nitrous oxide is available for sedation to make your treatment more comfortable. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ryan to learn more.

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Oral Sedation

The vast majority of dentists who claim to be sedation dentists provide oral sedation. Taking a pill, often accompanied by breathing laughing gas, can provide a moderate level of sedation for the patient. A limitation of this method is that the pill takes 30-45 minute to start working and is the only level of sedation that the patient can attain. More customized sedation requires the “Deep Sedation Method”. Patients who need root canals, gum treatment, extractions, crowns and bridges, a cosmetic dental makeover, a large number of fillings or other dental work sometimes choose this method to provide a comfortable experience for a longer appointment. This method requires someone to drive the patient home.

Deep Sedation

Sedation dentist Dr. Ryan is one of the few dentists in the United States who has a Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia permit. This deep level of anesthesia is appropriate for wisdom teeth extraction, root canals, a cosmetic dental makeover, crowns and bridges, gum treatment, extractions, a large number of fillings or other dental work. Patients with severe dental fear and anxiety, who want to be sedated, require IV sedation to have the appropriate level of comfort. With the IV the patients depth of anesthesia can be adjusted up or down rapidly, depending upon the procedure and patients response. This method requires someone to drive the patient home. Safety is a premium concern at Ryan Family Dentistry. Dr. Ryan has been practicing deep sedation anesthesia successfully since 1985.

A goal of our sedation dentistry practice in Keller TX is to transform fearful dental patients into patients with great dental health who are able to enter a dental maintenance program comfortably. The initial treatment may involve deeper levels of sedation. Many patients find that once they get past the initial phases of treatment their comfort level for dental work at Ryan Family Dentistry increases drastically, and they no longer need the deeper levels of sedation for additional dental treatment. Many studies have linked dental diseases such as cavities and gum disease with medical problems such as heart disease or other systemic illnesses. We now have the technology to get fearful dental patients on the right track for good oral health!

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